Welcome Prof. Fei Yu, China to be TPC!


Prof. Fei Yu, Shanghai Ocean University, China


College of Marine Ecology and Environment, Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai

School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Shanghai Institute of Technology

u  The behavior of emerging pollutant surface interface

u  Carbon-based adsorbents for pollutants removal;

u  The design and development of capacitive deionization system;

u  Carbon-based counter electrode for the dye-sensitized solar cell;


School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai,

Director: Yanqing Wu

u  Synthesis of MWCNTs with different oxygen contents and the influence of their surface oxygen content on TEX adsorption;

u  Synthesis of MWCNTs with different oxygen contents and the influence of their surface oxygen content on TEX adsorption;

u  A facile one-pot method for synthesis of low-cost magnetic MWCNTs and their application for TEX adsorption;

u  Mutual effects of heavy metals and TEX adsorption on modified MWCNTs and their relevant mechanisms from molecular levels;


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